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The latest 3D movie reviews for this post will include the Green Lantern, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Thor, and the soon to be released Captain America. These 3D offerings have already been released and have been viewed in theaters. This provides a better opportunity for reviews so without further ado, we will get started with our first selection and that will be the:

Green Lantern – If you’re a fan of DC comics and you went out and spent money to see the Green Lantern this may have been a slight disappointment for you. Although the movie did provide an extreme amount of graphics and 3D technology, the storyline did lack a bit and was off point. The first problem with the movie was that it failed to establish any type of coherent context that people could follow. If you like action and all the 3D graphics this is probably a great movie to take a child to.

Green Lantern 3D Movie Trailer ….

Pirates of the Caribbean – although the 3D technology was quite captivating the movie did lack in certain areas especially the dialogue that was provided by the cast. Other than that, the movie did provide a lot of action and direction which is excellent entertainment for the kids which will make this one, a go see.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3D Movie Trailer ….

Transformers 3 – Much-anticipated and newly released the new Transformers actually proves that sequels can really make a difference. You will surely have to go see this movie more than once because of all the detailed graphics, technology, and storyline that was involved. Extremely powerful, highly explosive, this one’s for everyone.

Transformers3 3D Movie Trailer ….

Thor – This was also a much-anticipated movie and the producer and director did a fantastic job in bringing the mythological Norse God on to the cinema screen. Excellent graphics, storyline was incredible, and the writing was somewhat unrealistic but who could tell because of all the action and excellent direction that was going on. This is definitely a must-see and as stated before you may want to see it at least twice.

Thor 3D Movie Trailer ….

Captain America – If you know anything about DC comics this is one that has been followed for a very long time and we’re hoping that the same mistakes that were made with the Green Lantern don’t befall Captain America. This will probably not happen because they are using different producers and directors; however, the movie is much-anticipated and hopefully will provide an excellent showing.


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