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Make 3D Videos


Got what it takes to become a 3D professional? If yes, then flaunt it to the world with your own piece of 3D video, and become the center of attraction! Today more and more people are concentrating their creative energies into creating 3D videos because of the major boom 3D sector has witnessed and the increased use of 3D illustrations and animations in movies, creating a mass hysteria. A lot of people are trying their hand at 3D as such video helps the aspiring 3D professionals to get noticed and find work.

3D videos and films are very popular across the globe amongst all age groups. The high level of computer penetration in the lives of people all over the world has further facilitated the growth of interest towards the phenomenon of 3D. Making 3D videos is challenging yet fun job, which has now become considerably easier with the technological advancements in the computer industry.

To create one’s own 3D movie or video, one simply requires two web-cams or handy video cameras, 3D video editing software and 3D glasses. The 3D content in 3D videos or films is facilitated only when one wears red and blue glasses. One should make his own 3D glasses using colored transparencies. Once the 3D glasses are done with, one should start working on his cameras, making sure the lenses are 2-8 inches apart to enhance the 3D effect.

how to make 3d videoThe next step includes the filming of the movie, which has to be instilled with 3D effects, with both the cameras and uploading of both the videos into your video editor software. Now the video produced from the left camera needs to be applied with a red overlay and the video produced from the right camera to be applied with the blue overlay. This would result in a same video in two colours, twice, and three inches apart.

Now when both of these videos are put into the video editing software, on top of each other, one can see them both at once, resulting in an almost purple double vision video. This video is required to be exported and played while wearing the red-blue 3D glasses, in order to be able to sit back and enjoy the 3D effects.

However there are some important aspects that should be kept in mind to enhance the 3D effects in videos. One should make sure that both the videos are placed on the ‘top’ of each other and are in exact sync with each other to get good visual results. Sometimes removing audio while editing these videos helps in bettering the quality of 3D effect. Even the slightest of angle difference in the camera can completely ruin the entire shot. It is also advisable to not to shoot too far, the farther the subject is, the bigger the background becomes, which will make the front object seem like ghostlike.

However patience and perseverance along with creativity are the pre requisite for any person to be able to produce good 3D videos.

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