How 3D Technology Works

How 3D Technology Works is Not That Complicated…

3D technology is difficult to understand by a person who is not technically inclined. 3D is becoming to be so popular nowadays that is why television manufacturers are releasing newer models for their 3D TVs.

To simply explain how 3D works let us start with what makes a picture 3-D. A picture has height, width and depth which seem to make it three-dimensional or 3D while, a photo that has height and width but no depth is two-dimensional or 2D. To make a 2D picture into a 3D image will need adding a lot of information thus the step from a 3D still picture to move as if real will need much more information.

3dtvToday, we compare the game screens to DVD movies and we want the games to be detailed like what we see in a movie.  This is the job for 3D graphics on PCs and game consoles like Nintendo and the Playstation III.
TV manufacturers are bringing the 3D in the home through the 3D HDTV. Big brands such as Sony, LG and Panasonic are all investing millions of dollars in developing 3D technologies for the home. Panasonic launched 3D capable televisions and Blu-ray Disc players this year and they will have movies as the biggest market drawer for 3D.

The 3D TV brings video content to a higher level but that is about infrastructure and most people are not familiar with the new technology that is why many are hesitant to buy new 3D TV sets. Homeowners feel uncomfortable to the idea that they have to wear 3D glasses while watching TV at home. In the theaters it is alright but doing it at home seems to be not ideal.

However, the truth is that the technology is really not complicated. The television has an integrated transmitter that is synchronized with the 3D glasses. Then the frequency is automatically set and the left and right images are properly displayed. So therefore, each eye will receive the proper image so you will have a 3D quality. Each video viewer should have a pair of 3D glasses and you will also need a

Blu-ray player which is 3D compatible. The contents are stored on Blu ray discs.
It is not a matter of complication on the technology but the many other gadgets a person must have just to enjoy a 3D quality at home. Since these are new releases, for sure, the prices are still high.

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