Future of 3D Movies

Exciting! Fascinating! Amazing! That’s the 3D world for you! It is the future of cinematography as visualized today but the future of 3D movies lies with the huge technological advances which are yet to come in the foreseeable future. It transports the audience to another world of which they seem to be a part of. One can actually feel that he is also part of the animated world and all the action going on around him.

3d cameraA sea change in the field of technology has changed the face of 3D movies in the last fifty odd years. But the best is yet to come because the future of 3D movies is all set to go places. It is noteworthy that there are some movies in the past which would have been far more successful than what they were if they had been shot in the three dimensional mode. Producers too admit to that the 3D movies are the way to sure shot success in the future which makes it safe to predict that the major movies of the future shall certainly be made in this format.

The future of 3D movies is poised at the threshold of world wide success and will surely rise from here. The roaring success of the latest 3D movies such Avatar is a clear indicator of the huge promise held forth by this cutting edge technology. Diversifying into sports and rock shows the future of 3D movies is poised for a big leap in the years to come. Studios in Hollywood are ready to invest in these films, looking at the immense potential and mass appeal. Realizing that it is the next best thing in the field of technology they are ready to jump on to the bandwagon! In the coming future it will be possible to watch 3D movies in the comfort of one’s home. The revolution in this particular area is being watched by many.

The next decade will usher in an era of revolutionary 3D technology which completely does away with the usual glasses replacing it with 3D TV screens. The technology is based on throwing two different viewing angles upon the eyes creating the 3D effect.  Being released from the shackles of the glasses is a giant technological step which will release the technology from fixed movie hall viewing into the real world, by its introduction in hand held devices. Three dimensional movies on the move is the call of the future.

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