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Ever wondered how James Cameroon gave to the world a new fantasy planet, Pandora, in the biggest 3D movie ever, Avatar? Or how the web slinging and air bound superheroes do all the insanely impossible stuff on the silver screen? Well it is not at all a rocket science to start with, as all of these larger than life special effects are produced in a humble studio room with not so humble tool i.e. a 3D Animation software.

best 3d animation software

Today in this era of 3D revolution and animation, when technology is being put to extensive use in movies, games etc, an intense battle has started between companies to develop and introduce latest, superior and faster 3D softwares to produce superior quality of photo-realistic animation with high detail for movies and games.

There are a number of 3D animation softwares available in the market to choose from, but the most popular, successful and used of them are MAYA, 3ds Max and Poser. 3ds Max is one of the first massively used animation software which is popular even today. Owned by AutoDesk, it allows the user to form characters and animations for budget games, movies and TV serials etc.

3ds Max was dethroned by MAYA, another excellent 3D software which has become a favourite of 3D professionals all around the globe as it has a lot to offer with an easy interface. The best feature of MAAYA, also owned by AutoDesk, is the extensive shadowing and lighting effects it offers. It is also used for linear as well as non linear animation and character building and has also won an Academy award for scientific and technical achievement. Poser is another big player in 3D animation software market.

This extremely heated market of 3D softwares is rocked with the launch of another major contender IllusionMage joining the race. Touted as the best software for 3d animation till date, It is an advanced animation software ensuring cutting edge 3D animations and movies and games. This high end software allows creating animated films, to draw and animate 3D models, and designing one’s own 3D game. The ease of use coupled with a feature rich interface makes it a dream come true for animators.

3D Animation SoftwareIllusionMage gives its users best of both the worlds (MAYA and 3ds Max) in a single software, as it is a mix of architectural power of 3ds Max and animation effects of MAYA. On the top of it, IllusionMage is more affordable than both of its competitors. Some of the flagship features are ease of interface, advanced 3D modeling, 3D cartoon animation, Redtime 3D/ Game creation, 3D editing and compositing, enhanced 3D rendering, complex 3D sharing, interactive 3D rigging, realistic physics.

With such varied options and avenues available in front of animators, they are definitely spoilt for choice and have a lot of options at their disposal. The response for IllusionMage has been phenomenal, but it remains to be seen weather it goes on to shake the monopoly of its bigger and better established rivals and force its way to the top to become the numero uno software in the animation business.

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    Is this bike a concept 3d? Looks real. The rendering is excellent. I will try Illusionmage.

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