3DVideoClips.net is a free web service that delivers its visitors various 3D Video content.

Our goal is to produce and relay only top-quality 3D Videos that are all using the standard red[L]/cyan[R] color format and are viewable with low-end plastic or paper glasses, which one can easily produce at home. Please click here to find out more about 3D Glasses.

We hand-select all our content carefully before uploading it, leaving you with only the top quality videos. We guarantee that you will not find any broken or wrongly encoded videos on this website.

Managed by a group of video professionals, 3DVideoClips.net is here to stay. Starting out as the only website on this niche, we are confident in our rapid growth and always aim to be the best on the market.

Please contact us on info@3dvideoclips.net should you have any questions or comments.

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Latest News:

Press Release – 3D Video Clips – October 29th 2009

World’s First 3D Video Clips Website Launched

While 3-dimensional videos are quickly gaining popularity among Internet users, Rocking Headlines Limited decided to launch the very first website dedicated to quality 3D content. The new website, www.3DVideoClips.net promises to constantly provide its visitors with the latest 3D Video Clips available on the Internet.

„3DvideoClips.net acts as a middleman, gathering quality 3D content from publishers around the world and bringing it to the public after it has passed a strict quality assurance process“, says Bryan O’Neil, the founder of 3DVideoClips.net.

„While there are many stereoscopic videos available in the Internet, there is also a large amount of content that is advertised as 3D but is really just a regular 2-dimensional content. Our goal is to carefully select what we publish and deliver only the best available content, saving our visitors from spending hours and hours going through various videos, only to discover that the vast majority are not what they are advertised as.“, he adds.

3DVideoClips.net promises to deliver at least two new 3-dimensional video clips every day, making sure that its content remains fresh at all times. The self-hosted website that is not dependent on any streaming video providers, plans to start allowing user-submitted content before the end of 2009. According to 3DVideoClips.net, even the user-submitted content will be moderated and each video will still have to pass a quality review before being published.

O’Neil further comments: „Even though the true 3D content is not visible to the naked eye and proper stereoscopic glasses have to be worn in order to see the 3D effects, we still believe that the website will become highly popular in a short period of time. With the availability of 3D glasses rapidly expanding, we estimate that by the end of 2010 at least 20% of Internet users will have a pair on their disposal. Our website also teaches its visitors how to make their own 3D glasses without spending more than a few dollars.“

About 3DVideoClips.net
3DVideoClips.net is a website that provides its visitors with quality 3-dimensional video content, all of which have passed through a strict quality assurance process prior to the publishing. All of 3DVideoClips.net’s content is using the standard “Red/Cyan” color encoding to make it possible to watch all videos by using a set of home-made 3D glasses.

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