3D TV Without 3D Glasses

3D TV Without 3D Glasses – Is It Possible?

You may be wondering when the technology will arrive that will allow you to watch 3D TV without the use of 3D glasses. This has been the main reason that the 3DTV hasn’t really taken off as expected. The issue has always been the need to wear the 3D glasses and many people have steered clear for this reason, and maybe the cost factor.
3D TV Without 3D Glasses
The biggest problem isn’t the 3D technology behind the 3D HDTV itself; it’s the glasses that have created a major problem. The 3D glasses can be quite costly for one and on the other hand, how many do you buy? When having friends and family over you need to know how many glasses to have on hand, right? Well, what if you have seven people over ready to watch a movie and you started out with seven 3D glasses, but you lost a pair?

These are only some of the issues with the current 3D technology to date, but this is all about to change. Many major companies have been looking for new 3D technology that will take away the need for 3D glasses and put the viewer in front of a set that will provide a depth perception and feel, just as if you were really watching true 3D.

The process in which to achieve this is being used by many HDTV manufacturers, and is called “Lenticular lens technology” or “Autostereocopy.”  This technology is also being worked on by other companies but if you are a gamer in the gaming world, you will see it in full action on the Nintendo 3DS. There are other technologies that are trying to address this issue as well and one of them includes using a webcam that will capture a viewers eyes and will show split images that will give a perception of 3D, this is not refined enough and has not been presented yet.

The Autostereocopy technology was first announced in Oct 2010 by Toshiba. What was explained back then was the 3D effect is delivered through the lenticular lens which will provide 9 different views of a single 3D frame. There is a layer of convex lenses that controls the way light is emitted, and shows the image at an angle for each of your eyes. As you view the screen and move around you get a different set of images as though the 3D movie was actually moving with you.

All of this has changed the 3DTV world and other companies such as Samsung, LG and a few others have refined this technology to a point where most of you simply can’t tell its not actual 3D. When viewing a movie you do feel a sense of depth and your visual senses are stimulated to a point where in the event something comes towards you from the screen, you will feel the urge to duck. So is it possible? the answer is yes! 3DTV has come a long way as well as the technology, but if you are thinking of buying one, get ready to peel off a considerable amount of savings because they are not inexpensive.

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