3D Technology

Understanding New 3D Video Technology

3D video technology is now all the big rage. It does not seem that long away when the first high definition TVs were introduced to the market. Now there is new technology that allows for 3D videos to be watched from the comfort and convenience of our own homes. Though there have been many developments in the home entertainment industry, very few technologies would have had the impact of 3D.

full-hd-3dAll movie fans know that 3D movies have been a big hit over the last eighteen months. We only have to think about releases such as Avatar and various animations to understand what the hype is all about. Up until now the experience has only been available at select movie houses and theatres. Being able to broadcast a 3D image is in actuality rather complicated whereas the creation of 3D movies is relatively easy in comparison.

There are in actuality a number of different 3D technologies today, each of which is being promoted by different companies. This is in some way similar to the VHS and Betamax battle of the eighties. Today we have Walt Disney, Dream Works and other studios hedging on one system as opposed to another. The parallel between all 3D video technologies is that special glasses are required by the viewer to actually experience a three dimensional feeling.

The modern home television is almost unrecognizable when we compare them to the models available just a couple of decades ago. If you love to keep up to date with the latest technology then there is every chance you already have a flat screen plasma or LED set. There are now a few manufacturers producing televisions that are already equipped to display 3d content. In the future more companies will be doing so as the technology becomes cheaper and demand grows.

For a TV to be able to show 3D video footage it would need a special processing chip. For this reason these sets are at the toe end of the price scale. Another important consideration is whether 3D channels are available. As this is a new service the information changes all the time.

If you are interested in experiencing 3D video at home then you should keep up to date with the latest developments and news regarding the technology. Already movies are released that set new benchmarks for the quality of the experience and this is a trend that will only continue in the future.

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