Technique Behind 3D Movies


The wonderful world of 3D movies is so fascinating that one stops to wonder at the technique behind 3D movies! Originally thought to be exciting for kids it has now taken the world by storm. The absolutely awesome scenes etched before the eyes of the audience hold everyone spellbound. The animation and superb visual effects transport3d video techniques the viewer into another world. This technique began many decades ago and hasn’t looked back since then. The three dimensional movies use an extremely complicated technology that involves the creation of illusions with the stereoscopic photography. Using the third dimension technique this procedure shoots from two different angles thus making it realistic.

Anaglyph Technique

Initially the oft used technique behind 3D movies was known as the anaglyph technique. To start with two images are put together in a light background. This is later arranged on two filters, one of which is red and the other blue-green. After that the images are printed in the same complimenting color thereby resulting in 3D the way the world sees it. The optimal effect is created when the viewer sees it through the special 3D glasses that have color filters wherein each eye watches only the opposite color on the screen thereby producing the mirage of depth. The anaglyph technique behind 3D movies was used in the fifties.

Polarization Technique

Another technique behind 3D movies that creates this optical illusion is the polarization technique. This stupendous procedure is based on a unique scientific fact. The underlying principle is the separation of images. Each ray of light disseminated in diverse directions is loaded with typical characteristics. The polarized glasses worn during the movie help to distribute the artificial rays of light that hit the eyes only to create the awe inspiring 3D effect. The vertical and horizontal splitting of the view is the keynote of this particular technique behind 3D movies.

Eclipse Technique

The eclipse technique behind 3D movies is that it blots out the light from one eye while putting a mechanical shutter behind the other. This is done by LCD darkened glasses when the opposite eye’s image is shown on the screen and that too can either be right or left. The 3D effect is created when this phenomenon is in coordination with the shutter in the glass. In effect, the make believe movement in the movies which creates the effect of reality to the viewer is conjured with the help of certain techniques behind 3D movies whose touch brings the images to life.

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