Info About 3D Glasses

Due to the nature of the 3D Video Technology, one needs to wear special colored glasses in order to properly view 3 dimensional videos. Videos using the Anachrome method can be seen by the naked eye, however there is no 3D effect (due to physiological limitations of human eye) and the colors are not seen correctly.

On this page, we will bring you three methods for quickly getting your pair of 3D glasses and starting to enjoy the wonderful word of 3D.

Method 1 – Build Your Own (cost: $0 – $5)

Simply watch the following video and you should be having no problems creating your very own pair of 3D glasses.

Method 2 – Buy a Pair of Quality Glasses (cost: $3 – $12)

If you don’t want to build the glasses by yourself or if you’re after better quality, you can easily get a pair of plastic glasses from Amazon. Check the box below to see our selection of glasses sold on Amazon. With their 1-day delivery you could already be watching 3D videos with a pair of quality glasses tomorrow, and the best part is that it will cost you less than $10!

Method 3 – Order a Trial Pair (cost: $1 – $2)

This option is the last one because it’s the most time-consuming of the three. You can, however, get a pair of quality plastic glasses for as little as $1 (shipping & handling)! There are several 3D glasses manufacturers out there willing to send you a free trial pair (or some times even two or three!) in hopes that you will like their glasses so much that you’ll soon organize a movie night with friends and order glasses for all of them (for a considerably higher price than $1, of course).

Important! staff have not tested the services of any of the companies listed above and therefore we cannot guarantee their level of service and we’re not in the position to recommend any of them.

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